Pen Info


Pen Sizes

The National Show committee has determined that the following animal numbers
can be safely and comfortably housed in the various pen sizes during the show.

Horse stalls (646 stalls) 10 X 10
3-5 Standard breed mature does/pen
5-6 Standard breed junior does/pen
5-7 Nigerian Dwarf mature does/pen
7-10 Nigerian Dwarf junior does/pen

Sheep pens (200 6X6; 54 5X8)
3 Standard breed mature does per TWO pens
3 Standard breed junior does/pen
3 Nigerian Dwarf mature does/pen
5-6 Nigerian Dwarf junior does/pen

NOTE: Senior Yearlings are considered mature does for stalling purposes.

Maximum one tack pen per herd unit

Tack pens MUST be ordered separately from animal pens

Horse pens $40 each
Sheep pens $20 each
Non-show pens are not available this year.

The National Show committee reserves the right to limit pens based on amount of entries
received and amount of animals entered per herd once entries close. All exhibitors will be
stalled even if it results in requested pens being reduced based on amount of
animals entered. If pens are reduced, exhibitors will be notified by email and
their accounts will be credited.

Pen Information

The show is being held in New Holland Pavilion 2 of the Alliant Energy Center.
The barn is not air conditioned or temperature controlled but this is a new barn featuring a state of the art
ventilation system (note the large air vents in the photo below)  that will keep the air flowing and the temperature
moderated. Daytime temps in Madison in July average 82 with lows around 60.
You may need to bring fans for the comfort of your animals.

Pens will be a combination of sheep pens and horse stalls.

These are the horse stalls that will be used during the 2017 National Show. They are 10' X 10' with a 42" door.
Exhibitors are welcome to bring panels to put across the doors so that animals can look out. Alliant
has offered to rent us some biosecurity panels that fit in the back of the stalls to prevent contact with
stalls behind you. These are plastic panels that are secured with zip ties. Panels are in limited
supply (there are 200 available) and will rent for $15.00/panel. They will be available near the office on a
first come-first served basis. The will need to be removed and returned to the office before you leave for home.
There are 646 horse stalls available. AEC has told us that you can remove inner gates to make
larger 10 X 20 pens if wanted...they would prefer you ask for AEC help once you arrive.

There will also be 200 6 X 6 sheep pens available. We do not have specific pics of the sheep pens since they
are not currently set up but they will be made out of gates similar to the above gates.  These pens can be opened up
to make larger pen layouts

There will also be 54 5 X 8 pens available. These will be made of older panels that were used in the old AEC barns.
These pens will be zip tied together so will not be able to be opened up.



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